Infotech offers a number of allied customer services.

Training and Education
We provide on or off site Training in the use of the AMICS product line. In our Training and Education programs, we teach you how to use the various software modules and how those modules interact with each other. In addition, we conduct classes in how to apply industry Best Practices in your day-to-day operation. It is not uncommon that we ask Industry Experts to join us in an AMICS training program...More
The Implementation activity is essential to your success; and we’re good at it. We can develop the Installation and Implementation plan, and initiate a Master Action Plan or MAP as we call it. Our experienced project managers are among the best in the industry and will move you through the process of implementing your inventory software – in a comfortable and effective manner...More
Data Conversion
Without database integrity you will only experience problems at the back end. Our experienced database team can identify your current database elements, map those values to the AMICS data warehouse, and integrate that information into either our Web Hosted or On Site platform deployments...More
Custom Programming
We understand that there are times when a business may want some feature that is not part of our vanilla software. In this case, we work with the customer and set forth our talented development staff. Our programmers are very knowledgeable in the AMICS software system and will allow you to Beta test the changes without interfering with you operation. We test all our software using live customer data – meaning we develop a live copy of your file system into the Best site and refresh the data on a scheduled basis. In fact some of our customers have run parallel in advance of making the changes live...More
Software Support  
Support is the key to successful software. The support team is experienced and ready to assist you in every way possible through pre-training, pre-implementation testing, onsite and offsite training, telephone support, customizations, and software updates. InfoTech provides what our customers believe is the Best in Class support. You call and we answer. You’re never any further away than a phone call or email...More
Leasing Options  
Take advantage of our Infotech Preferred Customer Lease™ program - or IPCL as we call it, and begin using the system the week you engage with our company. When you take advantage of our Infotech Preferred Customer Lease program, you receive all of the Business Software System and WMS release updates as part of the lease. We also include the Hosting fees and all Support as part of the lease. You can roll the implementation services into the lease...More
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