Government Inventory Software


  • Project management of inventory
    • a. Maintain contracts
    • b. Add projects to contracts
    • c. Add task levels to individual projects
    • d. Purchase material towards projects and monitor budgets
    • e. Project transfer material and keep track
    • f. No co-mingling of parts
    • g. Plan and ship from project inventory
  • Use bar code solutions for PO receiving and shipments
    • a. Easily receive serial and GFE tags
    • b. Save time and improve accuracy
    • c. Use USB bar code readers, or mobile computers wired or wireless
    • d. Print labels
  • Maintain asset material movement from one warehouse to another
    • a. Maintain trailers and their pallet positions as locations
    • b. Assign asset tags to individual locations
    • c. Move material using bar code solutions
    • d. ut kits together and move as a kit
    • e. More solutions

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