Warehouse Inventory Software


Mix and match modules and features and meet your specific warehousing needs

  • Receive, pick and transfer material
    • Simple inventory to track quantities only
    • Include location tracking to above
    • AMICS can track inventory spread across multiple physical warehouses or projects
    • Track inventory issued to individuals and more
    • Complex inventory – Lot and Serial number tracking of assets – AMICS is the answer
  • Based on your business, your warehousing needs may include other modules and features AMICS can help not just in stockroom and warehouse

  • Need to track the source of receipt from Purchase Orders – Read More on our PO module
    • Simple purchase orders
    • PO specific to projects
    • “Copy to new” PO – Same as except
    • E-Mail PO
    • Receive manually or use
  • Do you make or produce in-house?
    • Assemblies and sub-assemblies
    • Processing mixtures from ingredients
    • Made to order – Job shop
    • E-Mail PO
    • Add and customize Quality, RMA and more … Ask us how by
    • Clicking Here !
  • AMICS Sales Order module can help you maintain customer orders and process shipments
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