RF Barcode Technology

Barcode scanners make receiving, picking, and counting items faster and more efficient. You can print barcode product labels, bin labels, shipping labels, etc. as needed. AMICSsoftware is compatible with most barcode reading and printing peripherals.

  • Stay with cutting edge technology and use our inventory control software wireless barcode readers (802.11b).
  • Wireless collection barcode readers operate on Microsoft pocket pc, Microsoft CE and Linux.
  • Use our inventory software with barcode and collect data quickly and accurately.
  • Before uploading the collected data, view and fix any data collection errors and then upload into our inventory software.
  • Extremely simple to use with minimum training.
  • Batch collection barcode readers are cordless and easy to use.
  • Update your inventory database in real time with just a few clicks.
  • Use bar code with inventory software and automate your process.
  • PO Receiving - very useful in receiving serial or lot items
  • Shipping - Pick and pack logic * Materials issuance - Pick list for work in process.
  • Inventory adjustment.
  • Cycle count.

Screen shots of the Radio Frequency (RF) / Batch:

  • Pick Inventory - Removes items from your inventory.
  • Transfer Inventory - Allows you to move inventory from one location to another.
  • Receive Inventory- Allows you to receive to your inventory. We are an Authorized reseller for both Symbol and AML.
We are able to custom program these scanners to your specific needs using MCL Designer or AML Script. Here are just a few scanners that we support. To find out more please send a request for more information.