Inventory /Asset Management Software

At the very foundation of AMICS are the inventory control and inventory management modules. While you can implement our full ERP business accounting software and inventory management software, either in the Cloud ERP or On-Site ERP versions, the AMICS software modules will also run independently.
Stand- alone inventory module of our inventory control software is used by both large and small scale companies. It has proven to improve their inventory management activities significantly. Stand - alone inventory modules has all the necessary functionalities that enables you to smoothly take control of your inventory.

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Here’s a Short List of Features
  • At a glance On hand Inventory Counts.
  • Maintain Notes on each item.
  • Save multiple pictures and documents.
  • Maintain important information on your inventory availability, costs and locations.
  • Classify items into searchable categories with Item Type, Class and Code * Maintain Individual Item Suppliers and preferred Supplier.
  • Search by item number, description key word, type, class, code.
  • Maintain min-max levels for re-order or over-stock prompting.
  • Easily identify non-inventory and obsolete items.
  • Store and transfer items between an un-limited number of locations that you define.
  • Perform physical and cycle counts.
  • Track Serial numbers, Tag numbers , Batches, Lots and expiration dates for items.
  • Transaction log allows you to look at the history of any item, serial number or lot number (receipt,location moves, inventory pick etc.)
  • Excel Queries
  • Easy to read reports

Inventory Software Options

  • Bar-code reading and printing
  • e Purchasing and Receiving Modul
  • Sales and Distribution Processing Module.
  • Manufacturing and Work Order Module