Purchase Order Software

Buy what you need and avoid overstocking!

Short List of Features
  • Control your purchasing with Inventory software, manufacturing software, and purchasing/receiving software.
  • Purchase order module has enhanced security features to restrict access. Purchase order vs. Purchase requisition.
  • Enter and send RFQs then easily convert an RFQ to a PO. Each line item shows your quantities on-hand, allocated and available with expected quantities due from other PO. Have items shipped to any of your locations or customer drop-shipped. Specify different ship dates for quantities of the same item. Use your supplier's catalog part number along with your part number. (Buy the same part from different suppliers with different cost) Determine what you need by re-order min/max reports or by customer's or shop's requirements. Automatically generate PO requisition from re-order report review supplier's pricing and delivery performance history. Purchase in different unit of measures than your stock unit of measure (IE: Purchase 1 box of 144 screws ... purchase 1 box, receive 144 each). Receive and stock items in Lots or batches or with serial numbers. Use bar code scanners on receiving and optionally print barcode labels for stocking.
  • Create purchase orders directly from work order shortage reducing time and effort.
  • Place PO for services such as anodizing, heat treat etc. or purchase service for assembly and you send the components for assembly using our Supplier kit feature (optional).
  • Our Inventory software helps in ISO certification by producing supplier performance report and other quality assurance related reports and excel charts.
  • Our advanced inventory control software is the most cost-effective way to control your inventory, production and profits.