Quality Control

Control your quality and segregate inventory to maintain visibility

Incoming Inspection Features :
  • Receive purchase order inventory directly in to inspection
  • Inspect and separate accepted and rejected parts
  • Quality disposition via material review board – MRB
  • Disposition – Return to vendor, Use As-Is, Repair in-house or scrap
  • Print Non Conformance Report (NCR)
  • Search by item number, description key word, type, class, code, 5 user defined fields, location
  • Maintain min-max levels for re-order or over-stock prompting.
  • Automatic e-mail on quality rejection

Final Inspection
  • Assign serial number for all final assembly parts
  • Inspect for Pass/Fail on each and every unit
  • Associate reasons for failure
  • Fix the defective unit and put it in inventory
  • Run reports based on failures to change internal process

Supplier Performance
  • In Excel maintain supplier performance by interfacing AMICS data
  • Compare on time delivery and quality of products supplied

Approved Suppliers
  • Maintain approved suppliers from general suppliers
  • Security for Quality Assurance users only