Sales Order Entry

AMICS warnings - lets you avoid order duplications . Review customer’s previous orders and special pricing, terms, etc. Print or eMail quotes and order confirmations using Adobe Acrobat.

Availability check - shows on hand quantities with quantities committed to Orders and expected deliveries from suppliers or expected completions from your own production. Quotes may be eMailed, managed and converted to orders, saved or deleted. Check order status to see what has shipped and what is preventing.

Design - designed for drop shipments, partial shipments, consignment back orders and other shipping situations.

Pick Items - reports and worksheets provide sound tools. Optional portable data collectors simplifies the job and insures accuracy. Cross reference customer’s item number with yours or with your supplier’s.

Packaging - steps can be identified with optional labor tracking when using optional AMICS shop floor module.

Invoice and Shipping Documents - such as shipping labels, barcode carton labels, packing lists and bill of lading can be generated.

Sales Analysis - of inventory “turns” and materials ”usage” provides essential information for inventory planning.

Other Reports - allow profiling of quotes and open orders by customer, order status, shipments, back orders, sales person, items, etc.