Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Control

With the AMICS Shop Floor Module you can:
  • Route processes through pre-defined work centers.
  • Define your work centers and the various operations that can occur at each one.
  • Set each operation’s projected costs for …
  • Setup time (hours or minutes)
  • Run time per piece (hours or minutes)
  • Standardize labor costs

For each job you can :
  • Select the operations that each process will be routed through.
  • See the projected labor cost for that job.
  • Workers can easily record quantities or steps completed at each work center.
  • Track the worker and time for that step if you wish to track the actual labor cost.
  • Barcode scanners, shop floor data collectors are easier, faster and more accurate.

Managers can then easily view step-by-step progress on any job or all jobs running. They can also compare the planned materials and labor costs to the actual costs for any jobs. Reports - Profile by any mix of Work Orders, Operations, Workers, Product, Dates and more.