Work Order Software


Sales and Work Orders - Convert Sales Orders to Work Orders, tracking all materials and their respective quantities to be used (from the products bill of materials or BOM). You can assign serial numbers, Batch and Lot numbers as needed upon product completion.

Bills of Material or Recipes – Build Finished Goods using our BOM logic. Track all component and sub- component activity including cost rollup. As Lot Numbers and Serial Numbers follow the components from pick to the finished good.

Inventory Allocation - Allocate inventory to specific projects, track and manage the inventory and labor, follow the inventory through the manufacturing event. Warehouse the finished product to stock or stage for shipment.

Routing – Route activities and product through defined cost centers using route sheets or bar code scanning. Full featured Shop Floor processes are an integral part of the AMIC manufacturing software.

Inventory Moves – Move using the barcode scanner or paper, all required inventory from stocking locations or warehouse to Work in Process: WIP.

Work Orders – Make inventory and process requirement changes to the work order during the manufacturing event, without starting the process from the beginning.

Repairs – Create Work Orders for Shop Repair.

Print – Provide via paper, barcode scanner, or email, inventory pick lists, work orders, or travelers. Attach documents, drawings, images, and other materials to the work orders and travelers.

Routing Control - Print barcoded Bill of Materials and Route documents. Scan the document to ensure all processes are quality focused.

Inventory Availability - Print inventory shortages for a work order or combine for all orders with min/max levels. Then release staff with bar code scanners to expedite materials to keep the lines running.

Cost Analysis - Summarize Parts, Processes, Labor, Overhead, and other essential values and present them via the Terminal, Reports, or Email.

Information Distribution - Display, print, or email reports and profile them by any mix of work orders, sales orders, customers, product, dates due, or dates completed.