Bill of material or BOM for Assemblies

Create a kit or create a multiple level BOM

  • Indented bill of material
  • Summarized bill of material
  • Where used
  • Tree View BOM
  • Can I build it?
  • Cost Rollup

Bill of material or BOM is used to maintain a small kit or a complex multi-level bill of material in a tree view. Once a BOM is created, it can printed in an “Indented BOM” view which will show the hierarchy of an assembly or in a “Summarized BOM” view which will combine all parts and summarizes the total requirement.

“Where Used” is another feature where you can look up a part number where it is being used. It is useful in particular when an item is used in multiple parent levels.

“Can I build it?” A unique feature of AMICS where you can query the database to find out if you have enough material of all the individual component. This query can be run for a single level or all levels combined. The report will calculate and display on hand, available and allocated inventory. Quick and valuable report.

Once a BOM is created, AMICS can be setup to automatically roll up the cost. For example if there are 4 raw materials that are purchased, the parent cost would be the raw materials usage multiplied by the quantity used. Likewise, the cost is rolled up to give the final assembly cost. This costing calculation is automatically done giving you an up to date rolled up cost. If routings are used, the labor cost is also added up to give you the total material cost plus labor cost. Once this costing is done and a work order is created for the final assembly, the material and labor can be captured as material is being charged to WIP and the labor time captured using timesheet. As work orders are closed, a comparison can be done for “Estimate vs Actuals”.

Our manufacturing software is loaded with features in areas of bill of material (BOM) including creation of manufacturing BOM and production BOM.

Our BOM can also be setup as a “Parts List” from engineering drawings.

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