Inventory Part Master or Item Master

Define a new part or item

  • Part number or item number or SKU number … 50 characters
  • Part revision
  • Inventory description 150 characters
  • Notes – Unlimited multiple set of notes
  • User defined fields
  • Serial numbers, batches and lots
  • Min. / Max and re-order
  • Track obsolete items
  • Attach documents
  • Quality and scrap locations
  • More ….

Item master or part master is the screen where you define an item or part. Part number identifies any particular (physical) part as being made to that one unique design. A combination of part number and revision creates uniqueness in our inventory software. The total length of a part number can be up to 50 alpha numeric characters. Likewise, the inventory description of the part can be up to 150 characters. There are separate descriptions for purchasing and sales.

Any part can be categorized as a serial, lot or batch, basic or non-inventory.

  • Basic items to track quantity only
    • example – nuts, bolts, screws …
  • Batch or lot tracks quantity and batch or lot number
    • example – 10 gallons paint of batch101, 20 gallons of paint of batch102
    • screws purchased and received on PO123 – First received Lot PO123-1, second received lot PO123-2
  • Serial parts are tracked by individual quantity
    • Example -Computer monitor, laptop, servers and more

Maintain minimum and maximum levels for every part. A re-order report can be printed for those items that go below minimum and optionally this report can be emailed automatically at periodic intervals to a set of users. This is a very valuable feature in manufacturing assembly and “just-in-time” companies. This is also helpful where you want to maintain a certain level on ingredients to produce mixtures.

Multiple pricing levels and other features of tracking obsolete parts are available

Notes feature will help you maintain specific instructions. For example, you can attach quality control notes for a specific item and when a PO is printed, these notes can be setup to automatically print with a purchase order. Another example is to maintain change order notes for a specific part number or this can be used to maintain revision notes. We can also customize to print a specific packing list notes for your individual customer when an item is shipped. Depending on your requirement we can customize our manufacturing software.

For every single part number or item number, documents can be attached. These documents can be set to automatically print when a purchase order, work order or as sales order is printed. For example, engineering department can attach the proper revision drawing to a part number and it can be set to automatically print when a buyer enters it as a PO line item and prints the PO. Likewise, it can be set to print with a work order print out. This will eliminate to look for the correct engineering drawing during creation of purchase order and work order.