Operational steps for a part number or item number

  • Routings used for labor calculations
  • Maintain individual work center operations
  • Maintain time and comments
  • Create production work orders and copy routings

This feature is an optional feature that can be used to specify how a certain part is manufactured in house. Generally a particular item will go thru multiple operational steps in various work centers including inspection. In these situations, manufacturing routing steps will be very useful.

First, maintain different work centers – example cutting, milling, lathe, grinding, inspection and more. Then during the creation of a new part or item, create routing steps for this part and associate a time for each and every step.

When a production work order is created, our manufacturing software will prompt to copy the routing steps and they are copied. During production, employees can use our timesheet feature and record time against these operation and inspection can stamp each and every operation as they are completed. This data collected can be used to produce “Estimate VS Actuals” report in the shop floor. At every step, notes can also be added. These notes can also be your process plans in performing that step. For example, the operation step can be “Solder per drawing” and the notes can explain on the soldering operation can be done. This routing feature can be used in multiple ways.

Based on your work flow our software consultants can suggest the features and modules required from our manufacturing software and we can configure it.