Bill of material or BOM for processes

Create a list of ingredients for a formula

  • Bill of material for formulas
  • Maintain quantity of individual ingredients
  • Calculate total cost of formula
  • Create work orders for formulas
  • Can I build it?

Bill of material is a list of ingredients for a formula that you can specify with quantity. For example, you can list the ingredients as below

Ingredient 1 with a quantity of 5 grams
Ingredient 2 with a quantity of 10 grams
Water quantity of 2 ounces
Packing boxes of 100 each

This list of items can be for a formula and a work order can be created for such formulas. The total cost of the formula is automatically calculated for future reference

Ingredients 1 and 2 can be setup in part master with min/max values and a re-order can be created as the stock quantity goes below the minimum

“Can I build it?” A unique feature of AMICS where you can query the database to find out if you have enough material of all the individual component. This query can be run for a single level or all levels combined. The report will calculate and display on hand, available and allocated inventory. Quick and valuable report.

Example industry usage of our BOM process – Shampoo processing, soap manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing