Assembly and Subassembly
Assembly and Subassembly

Assemblies And Sub-Assemblies

Assemble,Dis-Assemble,Shop-Floor And Engineering

AMICS Can Manage Your Inventory For Your Assembly And Dis-assembly Needs

  • Product design and create all your bill of materials
  • Multi-level BOM and tree view structures
  • Indented and Summarized BOM and “Where Used” functions
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Add manufacturing steps using AMICS routings
  • Maintain quality control notes and engineering change revisions
  • Min/Max
  • Obsolete items
  • Allocate inventory for production
  • Create Engineering BOM and copy to manufacturing BOM on work orders
  • Attach documents, drawings and more …
  • Based on your Make/Buy decisions, create purchase orders and work orders for sales orders
  • Create purchase orders for sales order line items or for lower level items
  • Allocate material
  • Create work orders and easily close work orders
  • Maintain serial , lot numbers, basic items
  • Use FIFO for picking and manage inventory
  • Receive from purchase orders, work orders
  • Use bar code readers
  • Pick for production and shipments
  • Use AMICS “Transaction Log Report” for parts traceability
  • Ship easily and print all shipping documents – packing list and invoice
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