Barcode Inventory Software
Barcode Inventory Software

Barcode Inventory Software

Improve Efficiency,Improve Accuracy And Save Time- USB, Wireless & Batch

AMICS-Barcode Inventory Software's Functionalities

  • Improve efficiency, Improve Accuracy And Save time
  • Use It For Inventory Cycle Count Or Inventory Adjustment
  • Receiving
  • Pick and Ship
  • Pick For Assemblies And Sub-Assemblies
  • USB, Batch Or Wireless
  • Stay With Cutting Edge Technology
  • Ease Of Use
  • Transfer Inventory Between Locations
  • Compatible With Most Barcode Reading And Printing Peripherals
  • Print Barcode Labels, Carton Labels And More
  • Custom Programs

"AMICS is bar code ready!! Get started now!!"

Advantages of using AMICS Barcode Inventory Software

Using bar code scanners reduces rate of human error. The occurrence of errors for manually entered data is significantly higher than that of barcodes. A barcode scan is fast and reliable, and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand.

Using our barcode inventory software reduces employee training time. Employees do not have to gain familiarity with the entire inventory software making employee training less expensive

Cost of printing barcodes are less expensive and they are extremely versatile. Using AMICS barcode inventory system improves inventory control during cycle count, shipping and receiving.

Using barcodes provide better data and can be obtained quickly. It can also help in better decision making.

Barcode Reader Options

USB Barcode Readers

Easy to use with very minimal setup and can be used immediately. We can customize some of AMICS screens for inventory transactions

Batch BarCode Readers

These are mobile computers with an operating system. The advantage of using these readers is portability. Data can be uploaded in to the readers for verifying and validation of data collection. Once the data is collected, it can be easily verified on the desktop and then uploaded to the server

Online Barcode Readers

These readers are equipped with a wireless card and can validate and transmit data via your wireless network. The greatest advantage to these readers are the transactions are done live and there is no need of any additional step.

AMICS can support all barcode readers. You choose the option that will work for you and we will make it work for you.

We are Zebra Technologies Application partners for the Motorola bar code readers. We can help.

Bar Code Labels For Inventory Control

AMICS can print bar code labels on standard label sizes. We can always customize printing on these labels to fit your needs.Contact Us.