Buy and Sell Inventory
Buy and Sell Inventory

Buy Inventory And Sell

Buy & Receive Inventory,Stock & Hold,Sell

Need a warehouse management system to simply manage your incoming inventory and ship as needed?

AMICS Buy and Sell Product Is The Right Answer!

  • Manage inventory on any item including lot or batch control and serial control items
  • Maintain inventory in one or more warehouses
  • Project inventory or simply in-stock inventory
  • Consignment material or purchased inventory can be managed
  • Using our PO module, easily buy items and receive our desktop screens or bar code (optional)
  • Keep inventory in one or more locations including pallets or on floor
  • Get answers on your inventory - how many, where, when, how much and more
  • Get inventory value at any time
  • Maintain min/max and re-order as needed. AMICS helps in reports and inquiry
  • Purchase and receive regular items and consumables and use our barcode module
  • Maintain customer orders with line item details, delivery dates, unlimited notes for the sales order and at line items level
  • Multiple search criteria makes it easy to find an order
  • Ship conveniently and accurately and save time. Bar code readers (wireless or batch) are helpful
  • Print and re-print shipping documents as needed
  • Special shipping documents to suit your requirements can be added

Use our Inventory Management System To Fit Your Needs

In most businesses, you buy products and materials, stock them and sell from your stockroom inventory. Whether you stock and sell bolts and nuts or you sell high dollar valued item with lot or batch or serialized control, our inventory control software can help maintain your inventory.

In some cases, the material that is being received may be supplied by your customer as consignment material on a regular basis or as needed and you may provide service of holding their inventory and ship as ordered.

As in any inventory management principle, you may increase inventory by receiving in or more methods and decrease inventory as they are being shipped. Our AMICS inventory software with sales order and purchase order modules are the core modules you may need.

Consider adding bar code option that will add value to your inventory software implementation.

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"Our AMICS 'Buy and Sell' Product Will Improve Accuracy, Save You Time And Money"

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