Ingredients to make process mixture
Ingredients to make process mixture

Mixtures And Ingredients

Mix Ingerdients Based On Formula And Create Mixture

AMICS can Manage Your Inventory For Your Mixtures From Ingredients

  • Create formulas using AMICS
  • Maintain ingredients and their quantities
  • Indented and Summarized BOM and “Where Used” functions
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Add mixing steps using AMICS routings
  • Maintain quality control notes
  • Min/Max
  • Allocate inventory for production
  • Create standard formulas and copy to manufacturing work orders
  • Attach documents and more …
  • Based on your Make/Buy decisions, create purchase orders and work orders for sales orders
  • Create purchase orders for sales order line items or for lower level items
  • Allocate material
  • Create work orders and easily close work orders
  • Maintain batch and lot numbers
  • Use AMICS parts traceability from history on batches
  • Use FIFO for picking and manage inventory
  • Receive from purchase orders, work orders
  • Pick for production and shipments
  • Ship easily and print all shipping documents – packing list and invoice
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