Inventory Order Requests
Inventory Order Requests

Order Requests

Receive Internal Material Request And Fullfill Requests

AMICS can manage your inventory for your mixtures from ingredients

  • Internal employees place request to the stock room or warehouse on one or more items with quantities, date requested and when they need
  • Requestor includes notes on every line item and also for the entire requisition
  • Stock room or warehouse pick from stock room or warehouse
  • Ship items to the requestor
  • Partial pick and ship
  • Print a packing list for the requestor to sign
  • Run report to identify the requests that are fulfilled and the pending open requests
  • Allow requestors to inquire on what items are still open to be received
  • Maintain history of all transactions
  • Query by part number, user id and more
  • Optionally add features
    • Automatic E-Mail to the stock room when a new request is entered or a daily report on all requests placed the previous day
    • Automatic E-Mail when the item is shipped to the requestor
    • Any other custom E-Mail as the transaction happens or as a periodic report (daily, weekly…)
    • Custom query and view it in excel with live data which will allow you to filter as needed

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Our AMICS Inventory Control Software Is Generally Used Internally As An Order Fulfillment System.

Internal departments may request inventory and material from a centralized warehouse or centralized stockroom. The stockroom personnel pick one or more items on the requested inventory and ship material to the requestor.

In some situations, the requestor or the remote satellite location may maintain a minimum set of inventory level on certain parts and may re-order as needed from the centralized stockroom for fulfillment and the centralized warehouse will combine all requirements together and order material from supplier and then distribute to the remote locations.

Individual employees requesting parts or a department requesting a list of inventory items, our AMICS warehouse fulfillment software is the answer.

Improve your efficiency and save time and accuracy using our barcode inventory software management system. Multiple optional bar code readers make it easy to choose.

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