warehouse and distribution software
warehouse and distribution software

Warehouse And Distribution

Stock Your Own Material Or Cosignment Inventory & Distribute And Maintain Satellite Warehouse Inventory

Our warehouse and distribution product is ideal for distributing inventory

  • Maintain inventory in a centralized warehouse and distribute to remote location(s)
  • Inventory can be consignment material or purchased material
  • Use our PO module and receive items manually or via bar code
  • Remote or satellite locations can maintain their own set of inventory
  • Use Min/max per remote location and print shortages
  • Transfer material to remote location
  • Print packing list as it is being delivered
  • Use our "Order Request" to fulfill remote locations request periodically
  • Run individual location report to show the availability of material
  • Run inventory value report
  • Transaction log report maintains all transactions
  • Optionally add features
    • Automatic E-Mail to the stock room when the stock goes below minimum on any remote location
    • Automatic E-Mail periodically showing what needs to be purchased for all remote locations combined based on min/max
    • Any other custom E-Mail as the transaction happens or as a periodic report (daily, weekly…)
    • Custom query and view it in excel with live data which will allow you to filter as needed