Inventory Management Products

Standalone Inventory

AMICS standalone inventory system can be used to simply increase and decrease any inventory in one or more warehouses. It is simple to use, cost effective and saves you time and money.

If you plan to have other activities involving purchasing, manufacturing or special kind of inventory management, please check other products listed here.

AMICS is a cost saver!!

Manufacturing Control Software

Manage your production with Work orders or shop travelers for Assembly, Mixtures and processes and job shops. Add Shop Floor and collect labor costs with Timesheet feature.
AMICS can help improve efficiency in material and labor

Warehouse Management System

Combine standalone inventory operations to

  • Buy inventory and sell
  • Manage Order requests and shipments
  • Manage Project specific inventory in one or more warehouses
  • Manage Warehouse and Distribution
  • Interface with NISC Software

Add Bar code readers to any of the above processes

Government Asset

  • Standard Inventory transactions
  • Manage serial, asset tag numbers and non- serialized parts
  • DD1149, DD250 and more
  • Project specific inventory purchases
  • Project transfers of inventory
  • Track asset movements
  • Ship project specific inventory
  • Run transactional history reports and track serial number activities

AMICS can help improve manage government assets!!!


  • Inventory
  • Charge out
  • Transfer
  • Retire

Barcode Solutions

  • Improve accuracy in data collection
  • Save time and effort
  • Save money $$$
  • Use our built in programs or custom build to fit your requirements
  • Use in Cycle Count, Receipts, Shipments and more
  • We help you in hardware and software

AMICS is a time saver!!!