Custom Programming

Software Engineering Services

Infotech Systems, Inc. is available for Custom Software Engineering and Consulting.

Visual Fox Pro / SQL

Barcode Programming
  • American Microsystems
  • Symbol
  • MCL Programming

Our Experts will sit down with you or your company to work out an application concept that can be used by us or any other software design firm.

Expanding on a concept that we or someone else has come up with, our design team will create an application design to any concept.

Pseudo Code
Taking the application design we will produce a basic code outline that is universally usable by any programmer specializing in most programming language.

Our team of programmer will write custom code to any application design or pseudo code.(Applications are written in Visual Fox Pro)

Our custom development team is available for software testing.
Verification - We will verify that all code in your application is written per design specs.
Validation - We will validate all data throughout the application, making certain that all code is working as expected per application design.

Should you need application changes, we are available to add additional application functionality.

Our standard rate for all custom programming is set at $250.00/hour.