Leasing Options

Our Preferred Customer Leasing Program – Better than a Bank Loan.
  • Take advantage of our Infotech Preferred Customer Lease™ program - or IPCL as we call it, and begin using the system the week you engage with our company. When you take advantage of our IPCL program, you receive all of our AMIC Business Software System and WMS release updates as part of the lease. We also include the Hosting fees and all Support as part of the lease. You can also roll in the implementation services.
  • When you lease with Infotech, the only collateral pledged is the actual software being leased – it’s as simple as that. We want to help you manage a profitable business; not become a financial burden. Leasing does not require a large down payment which is normally the case with traditional bank loans.
  • Leasing allows for the conservation of capital which may be retained and utilized elsewhere (purchasing retail) to increase business profit. Leasing is a predictable budgetary tool since payments are fixed and not subject to the fluctuations of the prime rate, as in the case of bank loans. Leasing is a hedge against inflation; it allows you to receive the benefit of your software today and pay for it with tomorrow's dollars. There are no pre-payment penalties when leasing with Infotech – we’re on your side.
  • There is little to do when leasing with us. You complete a simple application which is reviewed by our president – who would approve your request. A lessee can often be approved with us within the same morning or afternoon the application takes place. We offer this lease program for purchases up to $75,000.00.
  • As you can see, we offer a more attractive financing method than banks. Banks require you to pledge major business and personal assets (personal residence, building, car, business, etc.). With traditional Bank Loans or Leases, an applicant will be required to submit at least three years of corporate and personal tax returns; and the corporate returns must show a profit. Studies have revealed that up to 90% of small businesses would not qualify for bank loans because they have yet to show a profit.
  • Join us and experience how the customer should be treated and what extraordinary customer care is all about.