Software Support Services

Excellence in Software Support

Prior to installation of inventory software
  1. Consultation - We strive to thoroughly understand your business, your operations and your expectations.
  2. Set a Date . . . to go live with AMICS
  3. Transfer Data - Send us your existing data for us to pre-load for you.
  4. Set Preferences - We will pre-set your defaults and rules for you.
  5. Test and Evaluate - You will be able to view our progress and work with your pre-installed system via the internet. We make corrections as needed.
  6. Pre-Training - You receive training while testing our pre-installation of your system.
Remote Training
We will provide the telephone support and on-line support you need.
This has been made easier for you and for us because your system will be pre-installed prior to shipment and you will have received some pre-training.

On-site Training
We can send a well trained, qualified project manager to your site for installation, consultation and training. Because your system was pre-installed, your staff can focus more on learning how to use the many AMICS tools available.

After installation
  1. Receive telephone support and on-line remote support Your staff may call as often as required for any AMICS inventory software questions.
  2. Receive program customization … We offer off-the-shelf, proven, reliable inventory software and manufacturing software. We realize that you may require additional routines, screen information, reports. There is no charge to add requested features that can be also used by other users. We do charge to add unique features that no one else can use or for additional features to be implemented immediately.
  3. Receive software updates…
Insure that your staff always has the latest AMICS inventory software features and tools available. You will also receive updated printed manuals when they are released.