Inventory Control Software By Industry

AMICS - Inventory control software is designed for solutions at industry level.Our inventory control software has many modules that include inventory, purchasing, distribution, manufacturing and shop floor that can be integrated together to provide a comprehensive inventory control software solution.
Your Need AMICS Modules Used


Tracking part or item numbers, locations, quantities, Serial numbers, batch and lot numbers.



Buy, hold, sell inventory.


Assemble bill of material (BOM) components, prepare BOM from engineering drawings, buy items, make items, assemble finished product and ship to customer.

Contract Manufacturing - make to order:
Create work orders and add BOM from customer drawing / sketch, attach documents to work order / traveler, buy materials based on shortages. Ship on time to customer.

(Quality control and RMA are optional)

Manufacturing Process:
Create BOM for product mixtures and formulas. Create batch / lot items, track expiration dates, pack, inventory and ship from inventory.


Use customer consignment material, pack and ship based on customer specification, create work order, complete order, barcode and ship.


Create work orders from formulas, create sub-work orders based on final product. Create mixtures including GTIN numbers, pick and pack logic, UPS Worldship interface.

DOD Contracts

Project Specific:
Maintain contracts, Make / Buy based on project specific inventory (No Co-Mingling) assemble and ship. Estimates vs. Actuals on contracts.

Non Project Specific:
Make or buy based on total availability Estimate vs. Actuals on contracts


Make / Assemble, hold in inventory, ship based on customer demands.