Inventory Control Software By Need

AMICS - Inventory control software is designed to meet your needs. Our inventory management software has many modules that include inventory, purchasing, distribution, manufacturing and shop floor that can be integrated together to provide a comprehensive inventory control software solution.

Your Need AMICS Modules Needed

Stand-Alone Inventory Management

Use for warehouse or stock room control. Post increases and decreases to inventory on-hand quantities as needed. Perform physical counts. Print labels. Supports barcoding, serial number and batch / lot tracking, multiple locations and valuation. Track any customer furnished materials and any asset tag ID's.

- Inventory Control


Use for processing customer’s orders. Issue quotes, convert quotes to orders, credit memos, create pick lists, partial ship, drop ship, produce packing lists, invoices, bills of lading, shipping labels, maintain sales records and auto-adjust inventory.

Purchasing / Receiving

Use for processing your purchase orders to your suppliers. Issue RFQs, convert RFQs to PO's, request different ship dates, and drop ship dates,receiving labels, maintain purchasing records and history and auto-adjust inventory.

Manufacturing (assembly or process)

Use bill of materials, run MRPs, create work orders. pick and move materials to WIP, reduce used materials from inventory and add completed items to stock. Compare projected manufacturing cost to actual cost.

Shop Floor

Define work centers and the operations to occur at each one. Use routings to move and monitor work from one operation to the next. Monitor quantities completed and collect manually or using a shop floor data terminal direct labor costs (optional) at each work center.

Auto-Purchase Orders

This option can automatically generate all the POs you need from inventory re-order report (min/max) and from customer’s sales orders and manufacturing work orders.

Bar Code Ready

All AMICS programs can use bar code scanners for direct data input. Documents such as pick lists, inventory count sheets, work order travelers, purchase order receiving can be printed with accompanying bar code symbols for easy scanning and updating.