Inventory / Asset Management Software

Having the flexibility to be a stand alone inventory-only product or fully integrated with the complete family of modules, AMICS will make any business organized and efficient.

With its effortless and intuitive "at a glance" interface, AMICSgives more time to build your business.

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  • At a glance On hand Inventory Counts
  • Maintain Notes on each item
  • Save multiple pictures and documents
  • Maintain important information on your inventory availability, costs and locations.
  • Classify items into searchable categories with Item Type, Class and Code * Maintain Individual Item Suppliers and preferred Supplier
  • Search by item number, description key word, type, class, code
  • Maintain min-max levels for re-order or over-stock prompting.
  • Easily identify non-inventory and obsolete items.
  • Store and transfer items between an un-limited number of locations that you define.
  • Perform physical and cycle counts.
  • Track Serial numbers, Tag numbers , Batches, Lots and expiration dates for items.
  • Transaction log allows you to look at the history of any item, serial number or lot number (receipt,location moves, inventory pick etc.)
  • Excel Queries
  • Easy to read reports

Inventory Software Options

Large and small companies that need better inventory control are using our inventory software - stand-alone inventory.

Our stand-alone inventory software has the features you need to take control of your inventory.

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