Manufacturing - Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software


AMICS assembly manufacturing software is designed for a process flow as described below

  • Engineering design of a product with a multi level bill of material
  • Purchase raw material and other items as a unit
  • Make certain items
  • Assemble  pieces together and consume material during work in process or WIP
  • Finish final product
  • Ship to customer

There are several features built-in to AMICS to accomplish above and they are explained below. Call us for a demo.

Part Master and BOM

  • Part number can be up to 50 characters
  • Use multiple revisions in part numbers
  • Maintain Min/Max and run re-order report
  • Track obsolete items
  • Multiple prcing levels
  • Serial batch or lot inventory
  • Create Bill of materials or BOM for assembly
  • Print indented BOM, summarized BOM reports
  • Print Where used and Tree view BOM
  • Easy check - Can I build it?
  • Cost roll up
  • Use BOM as Parts List
  • Create operational steps or routings
  • Maintain work centers and work ops
  • Maintain setup and run times for every op
  • Create work orders and copy routings
  • Collect labor for work operations
  • Compare estimate vs actuals


In addition to above, maintain suppler and customer part numbers for every part number.

Attach PDF and other documents for drawings and automatically print with PO

Attach unlimited notes for quality, change revisions and engineering change orders

Attach multiple pictures for the same part number

Sales Order

AMICS sales order module is used to maintain customer orders and shipments. It integrates with inventory to pick items for shipment. Finished goods with serial numbers can be easily picked. Optionally, use bar code readers during shipment.

  • Easily search orders by customer information or by part number or order number
  • Maitain order notes and line item notes
  • Print order confirmation, pick list and more
  • User fields for additional information
  • Create PO and work orders directly
  • Attach sales order related documents together
  • View ordered and shipped information in one screen
  • Ship Serial and  lot controlled items
  • Pick list, pack list and invoices including proforma
  • Transaction log to view history shipments
  • Bar code reader for shipments
  • Void shipments
  • Integrated with inventory in part master screen
  • Create PO for the line items or lower levels
  • Link work orders to sales orders
  • Copy existing order to a new easily
  • View inventory availabilty during data entry
  • Multiple pricing levels for different customers

Purchase Order


AMICS PO module is used to maintain purchase orders and receipts. Receiving transaction can be done either via a desktop or by using barcode readers

  • Purchase orders can be created manually or can be created from other modules
  • Search PO by supplier, order number and also by line item part number
  • PO can be created from re-order report and also from sales order
  • Add PO notes and line item notes from library of notes
  • Create regular and drop-ship PO and outside operation PO for anodizing and other services
  • View PO receipts easily from the PO screen
  • Print labels and receiving report after PO receipts
  • Add receiving notes during receiving
  • Receive all or partial at any time
  • Receive lot numbers with expiry dates and also serialized parts with and without bar codes
  • Use our PO return feature and process PO returns easily
  • Undo PO receive to correct any errors
  • E-mail receiver to project managers
  • Run transaction log and open PO reports
  • Sort reports by supplier, PO, item and job
  • Print bar coded PO and receive via bar code
  • Print PO with current revision of drawing automatically
  • Re-print PO receiver at any time
  • Attachment documents - PDF, word and excel

Work Order


AMICS Work Order module is used to create and process in house orders or travellers. It is a value added process to take one or more material to complete in to finished goods. The raw materials are in work in process or WIP until completed. AMICS tracks raw material, in process or WIP and finished goods inventory.

  • Create manual work orders or create from sales order directly for line items or lower levels
  • Search wrok order by order number, or by finished part number or BOM part number
  • Automatically bring over part master notes specified by engineeting
  • Setup default warehouse and location where parts are to be picked
  • Easily view ordered and compelted quantity
  • View work order details in part master screen
  • Optionally, add routing steps and track labor
  • Create regular and repair work orders
  • Charge or consume material at any time
  • Use FIFO or random pick for parts
  • Receive and automatically charge parts on the bill of materials
  • Allocate material for work orders and manage inventory
  • Receive and pick batch number and lot numbers
  • Receive serial number finished goods
  • Print bar code labels
  • Print work order with "Assembly" or "Repair" on top to clearly identify the type of order
  • Run shortage report for BOM shortages
  • Print bar coded work order report
  • Query and print material already charged
  • Print pick list summary or detail for any order
  • Print transaction log report for "Parts Traceability"
  • Track history of transactions on batch numbers , lot numbers  and serial numbers
  • Optionally, with our shop floor module, run timesheet reports